About Us

When it comes to style at Redd Leather we feel it’s all about how you present yourself.  We may be biased but we feel our products exude style and elegance. Redd Leather was born from this desire to offer elegant, timeless leather products emanating this style.

Releasing its first range in 2002 Redd Leather was on its way and has grown today to the brand to go to for beautiful genuine leather desk accessories, men’s accessories, jewellery boxes and travel accessories.

We are all about quality over quantity so even though our appeal is broad you won’t find us everywhere, but we feel if you are looking at our product that’s exactly what you like.

All our pieces are designed in our Melbourne office with a focus on function and form.  Every Redd Leather piece is handcrafted in premium leather, ethically sourced and as sustainable as possible.

From the feel to the look and what it says about you, genuine leather has a class all its own. There are some things that exude style and we at Redd Leather think we have nailed it.